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ROXY - Roxy is one of our resident minis that has earned her keep here.  She is a very special girl.  Going on 13 this year.  She is very spry and still loves to help do the chores and watches over the ranch. She is the momma and grandma to to a few of our main dogs in our breeding program now.

J&S Its Chilly Outside - AKA CHILLY DOG -Chilly Dog is one of our younger moms.  She

is out of Chip and Rio. She is ASDR registered.  15 inches tall and weighs in at 25lbs.  She is a great momma with a great personality.  She has a bit of a slighter build

but is very true to the Aussie breed.

J&S LITTLE MISS ABBY - AKA ABBY -Miss Abby is a blue eyed black tri that we raised.  She is out of Lucy and Rex.  She is a toy and is just over a year old.  Look for her 1st litter in 2018!  She has an awesome personality.  Very fun loving and super fun to be around!

J & S 24 KARAT GOLD - AKA KARA - Kara is the perfect black tri! She is another great girl that we have raised.  Another Lucy pup and out of Splash. We aero really excited about this little girl.  Look for her 1st litter late 2018!

J & S MISS SADIE MAY - AKA - SADIE - Sadie is one of our veteran mommas here. She is a blue merle. She is such a great momma!  She is the momma to Splash and Sis.  She produces super puppies and passes along her great personality.  She is super sweet! She is 14 inches tall and weighs in at 20lbs.


J & S MISS SASSY SIS - AKA SIS - Sis one of our youngest mommas. She has had her 1st litter fall of 2017 and has out done her momma Sadie!  She is a great momma!  She is super sweet and little on the calmer side. Sis is a black tri and is 14 inches tall and weighs in at a whopping 18lbs!

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